Siwan Lok Sabha Election 2024: Candidates List

The Siwan Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar, India, is one of the most closely watched seats in the upcoming 2024 general elections. With the filing of nominations now closed, let’s take a look at the key candidates in the fray:

1. Independent Candidates – Heena Wife of Sahabuddin:

  • Party: Former MP Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)
  • Background: Heena Sahabuddin is the wife of former Siwan MP Mohammad Sahabuddin, who is currently serving a life sentence in jail. She is a newcomer to politics but is seen as a strong contender due to her husband’s popularity and support base.

2. Independent Candidates – Jeewan Yadav:

  • Party: Independent Party
  • Background: Jiwan Lal Yadav is a seasoned politician with a long history of social activism. He has served as a block प्रमुख (head) and is known for his work among the Dalit community.

3. RJD – Awadh Bihari Choudhary:

  • Party: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)
  • Background: Awadh Bihari Choudhary is a prominent leader from the Rajput community and a close associate of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He is currently the MLA for Daraunda assembly constituency.

4. JDU – Wijay Laxmi Kushwaha:

  • Party: Janta Dal United (JDU)
  • Background: Wijay Laxmi Kushwaha is a former MLA and belongs to the Kushwaha caste, a numerically significant community in Siwan. She is seen as a potential challenger to the RJD and JDU candidates.

Other notable candidates:

  • Upendra Kumar Giri (Independent)
  • Madhuri Pandey (Independent)
  • Balmiki Prasad Gupta (Bahujan Samaj Party)
  • Amarjit Prasad (Independent)

The Siwan Lok Sabha election is expected to be a close contest between the RJD, JDU, and BSP. The outcome will depend on factors such as caste dynamics, local issues, and the candidates’ ability to connect with voters.


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