Nvidia CEO: Jensen Huang expressed concern about AI, said- there is no use in learning coding

Nvidia CEO: With increasing time, technology is also increasing. Now the era of OpenAI has started. ChatGPT, which came in November 2022, had attracted a lot of people’s attention. Seeing its capabilities, people were both happy and scared. The joy was that now more work would be done in less time and the fear was about many things. People started using it for everything from writing music and poetry to debugging and writing code. The popularity of Generative AI reached new heights after the arrival of ChatGPT. After which companies like Google and Microsoft also soon started their own chatbots and Bing.

future of the world

People have different reactions to AI. Some people are considering this as the future of the world. Prominent figures from the tech world like Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai and Sam Altman have already spoken about the potential impact of AI on job markets. While some technology experts believe that AI will lead to job losses in the IT sector, others believe that it will create more opportunities.

Anyone can become a programmer

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang also thinks AI will impact the job market. He says that children do not need to learn coding. With this emerging technology, anyone can become a programmer. A video of him has surfaced on social media. In which he is seen saying that about a decade ago people used to say that everyone needs to learn coding. But now times have changed. With AI, everyone is a programmer.


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