Bullets were fired on people waiting for relief material in Gaza, 112 people died, Israel denied

The tragic events in the Gaza Strip occurred when a group of aid trucks arrived at Harun Al Rashid Street in Sheikh Ajleen in western Gaza City early on Friday. And Israel denied it

Gaza City: Israel has opened fire on people waiting for relief material in Gaza, killing 112 people. Palestine has accused the Israeli army of this firing. More than 750 people have been injured in this attack. The Palestinian Health Ministry has demanded immediate intervention from the international community. The Palestinian administration has described this incident as a barbaric massacre. In a statement from Palestine, it has been said that Israel is completely responsible for this attack. And he will be held guilty before the International Court. At the same time, the Israeli Army has given clarification in this matter and said that people have died after being crushed by trucks filled with relief material. After this incident yesterday, two Israelis were attacked in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, in which they died. The Israeli army said that the attackers had also been killed.

Panic spreads among hungry Palestinian citizens waiting for food

During the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas (Israel Hamas War), the situation in the Gaza Strip has become very difficult. People have nothing to eat… no houses to live in. Meanwhile, the Israeli Army is continuously attacking. Meanwhile, according to CNN report, Palestinian officials said that a tragic incident occurred in Northern Gaza, in which at least 112 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. The incident occurred when Israeli soldiers allegedly opened fire, causing panic among hungry Palestinians who had gathered around trucks carrying food.

UN condemned the incident

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned the devastating incident at a food aid site in Gaza, where the Gaza Health Ministry said more than 100 people lost their lives. Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN chief, said, “Desperate civilians in Gaza need urgent help, including those in northern Gaza, where the UN has not been able to deliver aid for more than a week.” Although the United Nations was not present during the incident, it has called for a thorough investigation into the tragic events.

The Israeli army did not attack the people.

The Israeli Army has presented this incident in a different form. During a briefing on Thursday, an Israeli military spokesman expressed uncertainty about the reported deaths and offered an alternative explanation of the circumstances. The spokesman said he could not confirm the death toll and described two separate incidents involving aid trucks. According to the Israeli spokesperson, in the first incident the trucks went north and were surrounded by the crowd and during this some people were crushed. Subsequently, the spokesperson claimed that a group of Palestinians approached Israeli forces, who reportedly opened fire on them.

Contrary to Palestinian information, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman, Daniel Hargari, said at a press conference on Thursday that there was no attack on the aid convoy. “I want to reiterate this. There was no IDF attack directed at the aid convoy. On the contrary, the IDF was conducting humanitarian operations there,” Hargari stressed, CNN reported.

The tragic events reportedly occurred when a group of aid trucks arrived at Harun Al Rashid Street in Sheikh Ajleen in western Gaza City early on Friday. Local journalist Khadir Al Zanoun, an eyewitness to the incident, said that a large crowd of people had gathered to take food. He stressed that a situation of chaos and confusion arose when Israeli forces opened fire and then people were hit by trucks.


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